Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Right, that was a long lay off...

I've got bitten by the Irregular Wars bug again after having played a game, really enjoyed it and then not had the time to do anything else.  Myself and Mr Mersey have arranged a meet up in early September, just before my birthday in fact, which is always a good catalyst for me to get cracking on things! So, my Royal English are getting some longbows and a Saker to give them a bit more depth and punch whilst my Irish will be receiving a few bases of Bonnachts, a potential Lord with his Gallowglass, some Kern marksmen and a Priest to call down some fiery wrath on my heretic Englishmen.  All good stuff I think you'll agree.  I've also ordered some lovely little 7mm dice holders courtesy of the very lovely people at Minibits to tidy up the gaming board a wee bit.  I have been suffering something of a quandry regarding my English pike units after our first game of Irregular Wars.  I've basically got enough Essex pikemen to make up three bases but they're all armoured and there was no way of telling your Gentlemen Pike from the Militia Pike (buy the rules, it'll make sense then! :-))  Until I can find some very convincing Militia Pike I've decided to persevere with my Essex figures and just use a red dice to mark the Gentlemen and a green dice to mark the Militia.  I'll admit it's not the surest solution but I think it's workable until I can decide what the Militia chappies should actually look like.  Come to think of it, I don't think anyone actually sells a 15mm pack of "Hungry, worried looking pikemen who aren't sure what they're doing" but you never know...

Oh, and the Pendraken 10mm Late Romans are fantastic so I'll be making a start on them too...


  1. Want hungry, worried pike in 15mm? Simple ... Paint their eyes to look a bit worried, and paint a few raised eyebrows here and there.

    That's what I do, with my Size 3 brush.

  2. I look forward to seeing the results! ; )