Monday, 23 April 2012

First post!

Okay, a new shiny blog! I have no idea what kind of thing I need to do here but I suspect I should try and justify the title a bit.  Here goes:

These are some Xyston 15mm Greeks I've been painting as a commission for a friend.  They're very lovely little chaps but the separate shields and spears can be a swine.  I've found the best way to get them sorted is to attach the spears but leave the shields off otherwise they obscure all sorts of detail.  When the paint's dry I scrape off a small amount on both the reverse of the shield and the arm it attaches to to give a strong bond.  Then everything gets a coat of gloss varnish and the face of the shield gets a decal.

Next up is a Croftyran Quar figure from Zombiesmith's very lovely Quar range:

The Quar don't seem to be too well known on this side of the Atlantic and I think that's a real shame because they're some of the most characterful figures around.  Have a look to find out a bit more about the range.  There's 15mm versions available too if anyone's cooked up a Future War Commander list...

And finally here's an old EM4 sci-fi figure that I'm trying to think of a use for:

This was one of the first figures I bought when I got into the hobby about five years ago.  The original paint job it got was truly, truly awful.  I decided to tart it up a bit with something new and I actually like it so much now that I'm desperate to find a set of rules to use it and it's compatriots with.  Any suggestions gratefully received :-)

The bad 'photos are a combination of a) various bulbs in my house all deciding to blow within a day or so of each other, b) a new(ish) camera that I'm still messing about with and, most importantly, c) my appalling photography skills.  Seriously, there's people out there who've never seen a camera before that can take better 'photos than me.

So, "Where's the ale come into all of this then?" I (possibly don't) hear you cry.  Well, for my sins I'm also a total beer geek too so you can expect random ramblings on all three subjects, possibly at the same time.

Right, now I need to come up with a much more exciting second post...

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